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New Pentagon Video from Judicial Watch FOIA request

Judicial Watch website down FOIA request mirrored here...

Pentagon CCTV Video comparisons 9/11

Was this significant difference in appearance from :
a) an innocent mistake in photo reproduction?
b) a different frame?
c) a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the data?

1 pentagon gate security camera

2 pentagon gate security video

3 9/11 pentagon gate security cam

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4 pentagon gate video security camera

The 3 frames above are taken in order from:

1) a crop of the frame from the Silent But Deadly site

2) a crop of the frame from the

3) a crop of the frame from the Star Ttribune

4) a crop of the frame from the original Voila source (cropped from the Webfairy's file)

pentagon gate security video september 11th
Silent But Deadly

sept 11th pentagon video gate security

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These are my enhancements from the Voila stills.

pentagon gate security video

pentagon gate video september 11 security cam

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After reading the way David Bosankoe created his site, all he did was do a screen copy and save it as a bitmap image.
This IMHO will give some signifcant loss. The flash is good for a visual, but it looses information in the meantime.
( not taking anything from David or anyone using the flash,
as I said it is usefull as a visual, but the stills contain more information).

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pentagon video cctv cam

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